If you care about them, and value your friendships, DO NOT watch or discuss #DearWhitePeople with your white friends. They will not understand. They will call you militant, and insist that America is post racial. They will tell you that these aren’t real issues and the black community is making them up to keep playing the race card.

I need to get more sleep on a regular. I’ve had the last two days off and I literally spent 15 hours yesterday sleeping, cause I never get enough


What kind of shit is this?

Explaining that breast aren’t sex organs





She is beautiful 😊😊

Yes lips and hell yes nose!!!


She’s fineeeeee

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amythcalledmich: Forgive me, baby. I just miss you. Have a beautiful day.
Anonymous: Hii

Hi anon :)

#SelfiesForDays #DearWhitePeople


the owner of this blog supports the uplifting and empowerment of black people.

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The IMDb board for Dear White People is exactly what I expected

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I like my boobs in this picture…

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The Snoop Dogg/Iggy Azalea beef illuminates the intersectionality burdens that black feminists face when it comes to Hip Hop.

Either we’re forced to excuse Snoop’s misogynistic comments towards Iggy because we’re black, or we’re forced to defend Iggy because we’re women…when they’re both wrong.

And misogyny was never an issue in regards to any black female rappers, but when it’s a white female rapper, the world capes for her.

There’s levels to this.

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Bruh. Look at my fucking knee. Smh


The Whitest Kids U’ Know x

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